The Place in Between by Lindsey Nelson

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If you’re like most people around the beginning of the year, you’ve made some type of goal list, resolution, words to stand by etc. Whatever you may call it for yourself personally, at the end of the day…it’s change. Change you’re implementing into your life, to take you in your desired direction of life. But let’s be honest, there are very few things that are more uncomfortable than change. A more accurate and nitty gritty word of where you realistically are at, is in transition. You haven’t made it to the other side of where the Lord is taking you, but you are en route. But something I have learned, is that the transitional process is the most important part. The most memorable part. It determines how you will walk out the next phase of life that you are trying to get to. It’s the equipping phase. And if this hasn’t hit you yet, let me go ahead and fill you in.


The process is the end goal. We are always in process. Always growing. Always learning. Always developing. The process grows us into becoming more trustworthy and equipped in bringing Heaven to earth. But transition is just plain tough. Let me dispel the lie, sister. Transition is tough on EVERYONE. There are no pseudo Christians, that just breeze through change. There are just some that choose obedience and submission to the process more quickly than others. Either way, that place of in-between is so very uncomfortable.


The 9th month of a pregnancy.  One foot in the old phase of life, and one foot in the other. Your belongings are in process to be moved to your old house, but your still cooking dinner in your old house.  Memories of the old surrounding you and the comfort of the familiar, yet the unsettling nag in your heart that tells you, I can’t stay here. Tough. Just tough.


But take the pressure off of yourself, sister, and remember the words of Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the PLANS I have for you…”. “Plans” is PLURAL. Meaning, He obviously has more than one. And I truly believe that it is because He knew that if there was only one plan, we would ultimately mess it up. When I embrace the fact that I don’t have to walk this out perfectly, I just have to walk it out with Him, Rest and Grace become the transportation system I ride through the process.


In times of transition, we don’t have time for distraction. We don’t have time for the frivolous. Transition and the process is what it means to grow the muscles of leaving childish ways behind, and growing into a mature oak of righteousness. Where the Lord is taking you is not just about you. It’s about the many that He wants to touch through your obedience. So, let’s partner together, sister, and choose to remove whatever could distract us not from the resolutions, but from the ONE who put those resolutions in your heart. He is faithful to walk it out with you until the end. All He needs in the process, is all of you. He takes care of the rest.