Thank You by Sadie Robertson



As we are about to step into a new year, I wanted to write you all and say thank you so much for allowing me and my absolutely incredible friends to join in on your 2017 year.


Back at the beginning of summer, my friend Juli called me and said the Lord put it on her heart to ask me about starting a blog with different writers on my Live Original website, and I have to be honest in saying I was slightly hesitant at first. It had already been such a busy year, and in my little brain I could not even think of starting one more thing. In fact, the night she called I had just gotten back from winter jam of 3 months of touring. I was actually still in the thick of even trying to get the live original website up, because it had not launched yet. There was also a time crunch on that, because we had to get the ticket links and info out about the tour on some site somewhere fast, because we were announcing dates for the tour in just 2 weeks. It was the stressful month of tour planning because everything has to be locked in to make it public. I was also in the middle of writing my new book. I was at the start of a new project that y’all will know about soon (seriously can not wait to announce), and I had just gotten a call that I would need to be in Mexico to film a hallmark movie with just a 2 day notice in the middle of it all, so with all of this a going on I would be flying in and out of Mexico. It was a bit of a crazy time. I thought, if I do this…how in the world would I keep it up?  What if no one wants to write and it’s all on me? Will words through a screen really make a difference?  I told her that was a good idea, but she is just going to have to let me think about it for a minute, and to be honest, the time just did not seem right.


After getting off the phone with her, I went back to the first thing she said to me that I kind of overlooked at first. She said, “the Lord kept putting it on my heart to call you and ask you to do this. I know you are busy. I know this does not make sense, but I would be disobedient to Him if I didn’t mention it to you.” Immediately, I felt a sense of conviction that this blog idea had nothing to do with me or my timing, but it was something that a generation of young men and women have been crying out for, and the Lord was asking me if I would just say yes. It was not just a random offer or just one more thing, it was something the Lord was asking and something that was so far beyond my team or me. Two days later after prayer, and asking the Lord to silence my thoughts and enlighten my eyes to see His vision for this, I called her back and said, “let’s do it.”


People have always said to me, “if He calls you to something, He will equip you. All He needs is a yes.” I had never seen that more than this moment in my life. Sometimes, you have to expect miracles and posture yourself in a radical way to see God do the miraculous things. It’s called faith. That day I text some friends to ask if they would share their story, and every single person not only said yes, but they got vulnerable and shared their heart. Blog after blog that they sent in seemed to be an answer to someone’s prayer around the world, or just the encouragement someone else needed. I was completely blown away. Not only was I blown away by the yes, the faithfulness, and the vulnerability from this side of the screen, but also, I was completely undone by the response of the other side. The testimonies people sent in of their perspectives, every email we received of how each blog changed someone’s life…it was an answer to someone’s prayer, and it was a way the Lord spoke to so many individual people all around the world—by hearing encouragement or truth from someone writing their story. It really has been so unique to see such a diverse group of people writing and bringing so much unity to those who are reading. Through starting this blog, I have fallen so much more in love with God and have fallen into the saying, “love should run further than fear and faster than doubt.” I have learned to trust Him first, and loving Him fully makes that easy. I have seen His faithfulness in new ways. I have learned the power of a yes. I have learned and been challenged myself, and even moved to tears on so many of the post from my extraordinary friends. I have seen the power of unity. I have seen that there is something to learn from everyone. I have treasured every response.


 And I have learned that when something seems to be impossible—whether it’s bad timing, or crazy random, if God has called you to something… fasten your seat belt and get ready, get expected, get excited, and scream YES. It has been an amazing journey with all of you starting this blog this year. Thank you for being a part of it all.


 Cheers to many more adventures, stories and God moments walking into 2018 together! May we forever be in unity through faith, hope, love, testimonies and our life adventures. I love every single one of you, and I have prayed over every eye that reads the words to encounter His presence and feel a touch of His love. Never would I of ever imaged that their would be 1.2 million of you reading in 195 countries, but I know His love extends far beyond what we could imagine.


You are so loved my friends. 

From your friend and sista,

Sadie Rob <3